Friday, September 28, 2007


I just love the way that Heavenly Father makes things happen in our lives! One moment we feel that we're at a dead end; we've done all we can do...and then POOF! He answers our prayers; almost like magic. And in my case, this was a prayer that I had only said in my heart, not even formally on my knees...which makes me feel even more undeserving...

As many of you may know, I officially finished my Bachelor's degree in Radiation Therapy this summer! YAY! And with graduation comes the job hunt. Radiation Therapist jobs are hard to come by in this lovely state--good pay, great hours, no weekends, no holidays, AMAZING patients--honestly, who would want to leave their job? I knew the the job outlook was sparce when I started the program and told myself that I would look out of state then.

When September rolled around I decided it was time to seriously take action, so I looked out of state. I applied for a PRN ("on call") position at a hospital in California and another PRN position at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, CT (really close to where I used to nanny). I heard back from the hospital in California right away which was very encouraging. The HR lady told me that she had sent my resume on and that I would hear back from someone.

In the mean time....sometime at the beginning of last week.
I'm minding my business, making plans to take a resume to every treatment center in Utah--whether they were hiring or not--introduce myself to the managers so that they could put a name with a face. This particular afternoon, I had stopped by Allison's to see her and the kids, and was disappointed to see they weren't home. I let myself in and decided to wait...thinking to myself, "I really need to call those Cancer Centers today and set up some appointments..." Suddenly, my phone rings. I don't recognize the number. I don't pick up. They leave a message. So, I listen to my messages....POOF!

The message was from the Cheif Therapist at Utah Cancer Specialists, informing me that they are looking for some therapists to add to their PRN pool and would like to know if I would be interested in the position! HOLY COW!

This is where I am jumping up and down, screaming and laughing! I can't wait for Allison to get home! I couldn't believe it! Apparently he knows my old clinical instructor, Daryn, from McKay-Dee and had called him to see if he knew any therapist looking for work. Daryn, being the AWESOME guy that he is, gave him my number.

I had never spoken to Utah Cancer Specialists before; never gone there to observe; didn't know a soul in their department. I had only made plans to call them. That's it!

I am now pleased announce that I am currently the NEWEST PRN employee at UCS! Being PRN is going to help me gain more experience (even if it is only once week) and now I have my foot in the door somewhere--not just anywhere, but in UTAH! I couldn't be more pleased and extremely grateful for the chance. I love Heavenly Father! It is so nice to be reminded how aware he is of every little aspect of our lives. He really does work miracles!

P.S. I have yet to hear from the other two hospitals. Hmm.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Wisdom of Bill & Ted

Not too long ago I received some most excellent advice from my dear, dear friend, Vanessa. I have found that it can apply to almost every situation in life.

We were having late-night girl talk at her apartment; I was, of course, talking and she was patiently listening to me babble on and on. As you may have already guessed we were discussing dating and the potential prospects in our futures.

When it comes to dating I often find myself speeding ahead so far in my mind, that sometimes I'm already trying to decide whether I want to marry the guy before I even decide whether to go on a date with him. I know, this is a terrible mind set...Elder Oaks even addressed it in his talk entitled, "Dating Versus Hanging Out" If you've never heard it or read it, you should.


As I was splurting out the thorough analysis I had performed on a current dating/hang out dynamic I'm in...Vanessa kindly interrupted me to share this "Pearl of Wisdom" (as I like to call it). The conversation went something like this...

"Shann, this may be sort of a weird analogy, but hear me know 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'?"


"Well, Bill and Ted try to recruit VanHalen before they even learn how to play the guitar. I think you may be trying to recruit VanHalen before you've learned to play the guitar...?"

Suddenly a light went on! Her simple advice from Bill & Ted's was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment and rang so true that it has stuck with me. In fact, I shared this with one of my roommates (we'll call her Bessi) who analyzes dating relationships almost exactly the same way I do, and Bessi found it just as enlightening. We are constantly reminding ourselves to stop trying to recruit VanHalen. We get so ahead of ourselves that we miss out on enjoying the moment!

I'm so glad that Vanessa knew what wisdom was contained within the cinematic masterpiece that is "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", and passed it on to me. With that...I would like to share one more tidbit from one of the greatest films of our generation...

Bill: Be excellent to each other.

Ted: Party on, dudes!