Friday, June 29, 2007

sneak attack

This is not Shanna quite yet as she has not yet been informed of the existence of this blog. This is Natalie, her cousin/roommate/best friend. Lydia already holds the title of cousin/best friend, so although I am no longer her roommate since running off and getting hitched, I must keep 'roommate' in the title to differentiate between Lydia and I. After having been inspired by Mike & Lydia's blog postings keeping all of us updated on the delivery of their first baby, I started writing in my blog just this week (with Emily Robinson's help - she created my blog for me). And after thoroughly discussing it with Emily, we have decided that Shanna needs to have her own blog. So I've saved her the trouble of creating the blog herself by creating it for her. Shanna, I hope you like it! This is our sneak attack.

The name of this blog came from the pleasant pairing of Shanna's first name with the word 'shenanigans.' defines shenanigans as follows:

she·nan·i·gan (shə-nān'ĭ-gən):

a. A playful or mischievous act; a prank.
b. Mischief; prankishness. Often used in the plural.

Playful? Mischievous? Prankishness? I like the sounds of all of it, and thus, Shanna's blog is born.

I love you Shanna! I miss you terribly now that I don't live across the hall from you. Vegas is a much farther walk to see your smiling face in the morning. It's hard to replace moments shared brushing our teeth together in the tiny robin-egg-blue-gas-station-style-sink in the basement of our Salt Lake house. And so I feel that blogging is a happy compromise. Share anything you like: thoughts, ramblings, venting sessions, jokes of the day, dating drama (i beg you). Pretty please with cherries on top - blog away.

Love your guts,