Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Perturbed :(

The other day when I was at work, I was trying to post another blog about my 4th of July activities and the happenings at the family reunion in Bear Lake....when suddenly I was called away to do an exam. I tried to save my current post so that I could return and finish. I pushed the "save to draft button", logged of the internet, and left. Much to my dismay...yep. You guessed it. IT DIDN'T SAVE! AAAAAAARGH! Needless to say I was very perturbed; so much so that it has taken me this long to get it together and make another post. I was doing so good the other day and the post was soooo funny! I really wish you all could have read it. Alas, this is what's left. Perhaps someday soon I'll be able to duplicate the magnificantness (new word you probably won't find on the missing blog.

I love the word "perturbed" (hopefully I'm spelling it right). In fact, when I spell words wrong, I get perturbed. I thought about Googling the word to make sure I spelled it right, but in this case I'm more lazy than worried about whether or not I spelled it right. Other things that perturb me include:
-wearing my socks inside out
-walking on garage floors in bare feet
-overflowing garbage cans (I inherited this from Nat since she moved out)
-my muffin top
-when my pants get too short
-buying bathroom stuff (deordorant, toothpaste, makeup, contact solution, etc). Don't get me wrong, I like using these things, but they always run out at the same time and I end up paying a small fortune to replenish my supply.

Ok, enough with the negetating! Thanks for letting me vent...that's what blogs are for anyway, right! ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Closet-Bloggism...It's real.

I feel very humbled at this moment to be the new proud owner of my own blog! For many months now I have been a closet blogger--secretly reading and never commenting on the blogs of others. I feel like maybe I should stand up and introduce myself....Hi! My name is Shanna, and closet blogger!

I'm not used to being the one to come up with clever stories and sayings, however, I love reading them. I suppose this is my first step toward overcoming my "closet-bloggism". I feel it pertinent to recognize two dear friends (you know who you are) who gave me my own wings to fly, and the countless family members (I love are my rock) who have inspired me to take this stand and make my mark on the World Wide Web!