Friday, November 30, 2007

Ode To Lyd and Nat

What can I say? It is almost surreal to be reminded of how well someone really knows you...I am one of the luckiest girls to have, not just one--but TWO, of my best friends in the whole wide world as cousins! Due to the fact that we share the same blood, we have been friends since birth--26 years and counting...

I can quite honestly say that these two fantastic women probably know me better than I know myself. I was reminded of this fact when Natalie, very lovingly, updated my blog for me (i.e. Madonna, that's who). She got all facts straight--from the list of my current activities, to the constant LOL (I really do laugh A LOT), to incorporating "ya'll" into my everyday vocabulary. Weird!

I can always count on Lyd and Nat to give it to me straight. To me, that is a TRUE friend. They are also always there when I need them...Natalie was my wingman one night when I was supposed to meet up with some new boys, even though she was engaged. And Lydia relocated nanny jobs and came all the way to Connecticut to be with me while I was nannying. While in Connecticut, we even made a video together to send to MTV with the hopes of meeting N*SYNC. It was one of the most memorable years of my life.

When my life seems like nothing but a quick succession of busy nothings, they are there to remind me how incredible life is! I can't thank them enough for always making me feel like I'm irreplaceable.



That's right. I think a mischevious, or shall I say prankish, best friend/cousin/roommate thought I would find the face-lift of my blog 1) upsetting or disturbing or 2) SPECTACULAR! Mr. T RULES! I'll be honest, I don't recollect episodes of The A-Team. In fact, my only real memory of Mr. T is one of my dad dressed up as Mr. T for Halloween. It was when we lived in the Yellow House across from the Teeples (that means I was 5). My hugely creative mother even made my dad's skin brown and faked a mohawk. He even wore the ridiculous amount of gold chains. If I had a picture I would post it...alas only a hard copy exists. I truly pity anyone who has never heard of Mr. T!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Madonna, that's who

My name is Shanna and this is my Halloween costume. I feel it is a very good likeness of Madonna, please note the single black lacey glove (fingerless!). LOL. I don't know where I come up with these things, but I do. LOL. I'm very good at it. What I'm not good at is updating my blog. I just feel so much pressure to say something great, because I fear that the happenings of my everyday life are not noteworthy. JK. LOL! But just now, at this very moment, I am realizing that this is not so. I have plenty to say. Just ask me! LOL! I had a date on Saturday night. I was partially responsible for some creatively racey lingerie at a bridal shower on Saturday morning. I had to cook a turkey for my ward's Thanksgiving dinner in between the bridal shower and the date. I was very busy. But because I care, I've taken the time to write this to y'all. I've also recently started incorporating "y'all" into my everyday vocabulary. I feel that it sounds unusually authentic when I say it.

Another stumbling block for my blog and me (that's what I call us ;) LOL) is that sometimes I feel a great deal of pressure to have cool pictures, but now I know this is not necessary either. I have come to realize that I just need to bless the rest of y'all with my regular ramblings, because it breaks my heart to realize that y'all click on my blog every day and are served a heaping portion of disappointment when a post has reached that more-than-a-month-old stage. It's like leftovers in the fridge that were so good at first, but once opened, just too old to enjoy. LOL!

Anyway, I've been cooking up a Shannanigans Stew for y'all, and it's been simmering for a while now. I think it's just about ready to be served. So come back with your appetites. Dinner's almost ready.

Oh yes, and one last thing I've realized - and this is a big one - is that when my cousin Natalie creates a blog for me and makes up my password for me, it is very possible that she will remember that password and take matters into her own hands when my blog gets a little too stale and she has too much time on her hands. But I know it's my own fault for not changing my password initially. That little rascal. Gosh I love her.