Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nat, this one's for you!

It has been so long since I've posted that I almost wasn't able to access my blog account. To all of my faithful blog followers, I am deeply sorry. What's to blame for my absence from the blogging world....well there are several reasons (you know, the usual) um.....Christmas, spending New Years/Grand Targhee with intellectuals, work, a Bar Mitzvah, training for a half marathon, planning a cruise, being anxiously engaged in the engagement process, etc. But I would have to admit, the reason for lack of posting could be summed up in one word--Facebook.

Lydia once described the appeal of Facebook as "instant gratification!" I wouldn't hesitate to say that she's quite right. It's quick and easy. I only have to post my status (that's thinking of only one witty or thought-provoking thing to say); that's IF I want to say anything at all. People request your "friendship" and "write on your wall." For a brief moment, and I mean brief, you feel really important. In all honesty, it's very reminiscent of Jr. High and High School. It's pretty fun! Now, having said that, it's been a couple months since I joined and it's starting to lose that shiny, new feeling (which isn't necessarily bad). That exciting feeling comes and goes, but ultimately, I try not to waste too much time checking my profile, writing on walls, and such anymore.

I definitely believe that there are many positive uses for Facebook AND blogs! My fear, however, is that I will become too consumed in this electronic "reality" and miss out on what's happening in my TRUE reality. I'm single! I'm young! I'm done with school--I WANT TO LIVE IT UP! There are places to go, people to meet, food to try.... I suppose this blog and Facebook is where I can document said experiences and share them with all of you. Hmmm.

Why is it so hard for me to do... actually sitting down and posting? Is it that I prefer actual human contact, talking to someone in person, or hearing some one's voice on the end of the line? or am I just lazy? Many people describe their blog as their journal. I can relate to that. Clearly my blog posts are not entirely what a formal journal entry would contain. Maybe, I don't post because I feel I should be writing in my "real life" journal instead.

Does anyone else worry that they don't listen as well as they use to? or know how to carry on a conversation with a person face to face? Sometimes I feel like such a goof. I know exactly what to say, as long as it's in "text" form, or "wall" form, or "comment" form; but coming up with something to say on the spot stumps me.

This has become a most random post. It's nothing like I thought it would be in the beginning. I don't even know if there is point to this post...maybe I just needed a moment to reflect (sounds very journally, don't you think?)
At least I can say that I posted!