Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrillingly Uncharted Gravity

Ever fanatsize about what kind of music video you would make if you had the chance? I do. I would definitely ask Sara for her recommendations. Why you ask?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: (Do not skip this one because there is no cute video box! Try to name all of the cameos in this video. It's FUN!)

If I could find some way to combine the two of these videos with "Thriller" I think I'd have the perfect music video! :)

OR find some way to incorporate Legos... (skip to 2:17, that's my favorite part)


Allison said...

I LOVE Sara!! You should totally sing Gravity somewhere. You would kill that song. And where in the world did you find Lego Thriller? Do you just sit around surfing for the oddest music video remakes? Crazy fun! :)

Laura Lee said...

This video/song kills me. The first time I heard the song was with Kayla and Kupono on SYTYCD. Sigh. I'm ready for that show again.

I'm also ready to see you again! Miss you.