Friday, April 1, 2011

"Like Butterflies Landing On The Hearts of Babies"

I received this delightful video via electronic mail from my dear friend Kristy Uzelac. As many of you know, I hold a special place in my heart (since kindergarten--Tyler Wardall) for Asians.

In fifth grade, during my "Japanese phase", I was a Geisha for Halloween and my "boyfriend" that year was Japanese-American. Oh! and there was that one time I dated and almost married a Laotian.... :)

Who doesn't like butterflies and babies?

P.S. In case any of you were wondering, I'm doing much better this week than last...just as predicted. At least I'm consistent!


Jessie said...

Wow. And my 6yr old can't wipe himself (well, won't anyway).
How do they get their kids to do stuff like that so young?

You and Asian guys. I do have a thing for Chow Yun Fat, though. Hot.

Allison said...

Amazing! Seriously, how do they get little people to do that? Not only were they playing perfectly, they were bobbing perfectly in time and smiling! There was not one kid biting their lip, sticking out their tongue in concentration, furrowing their brow or wrinkling their nose. And I loved how it looked like they were having a conversation with the music. I repeat. . .Amazing!

Charlotte Lundell said...

HAHAHA! That was awesome. Highlight of my day!

Mindy said...

Shanna, you're blogging again, hooray! I loved your last post about being "hormotional"...what a wonderful word that I plan to use from now on.
And these little guitar players! Are you KIDDING me? Just incredible. My kids watched the video over and over.